All style 2D anime checkpoint perfect

CivitAI TensordArt Mage.Space

Base version

Cute character and ghibli style

Cute character

Ghibli movie keyword

2D flat color


CFG : 7 -10

Sampler: Eluer A

Steps: 20-32

Quality Prompt: (masterpiece,best quality:1.3)

Negative Prompt: (worst quality,normal quality, low quality, 3d, realistic:1.3)

New keyword: ghibli, arrietty, castle in the sky, from up on poppy hill, ghibli, grave of the fireflies, howl_s moving castle, kikis delivery service, my neighbor totoro, on your mark, only yesterday, pom poko, ponyo, porco rosso, princess mononoke, spirited away, tales from earthsea, the ocean waves, the wind rises

Expanded base version with more styles

Cloud style

Sticker Design

China art



New prompt: horror style, sticker design, hanfu, aodai, china art, cloud style, girl style, girl portrait, girl 2d, horror, horror style, china art, army general, counselor, lead

Mature version

Beautiful girl / NSFW / All style art suport


Beautiful character

1000 style art prompt

Support Tools

Lora / Wildcard / Workflow

SDVN10-Anime Inpaint checkpoint

Lora – Lady Filter

Lora – Slider – stroke

Lora – Slider – light

Other tools

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